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Development of e-check for windows is currently taking place. It will be available from the end of October 2011.


How can companies attain full automation

It is quite staggering that with the range of technology available today, that companies are still dependent upon manual tasks for a large percentage of their business processes. And if these tasks need to be evidenced this is generally done using paper checklists or excel/word documents.

This type of checklist may include;

As these manual controls continue to play a significant part of companies globally, ways to automate fully should be investigated, but this may still only automate 30 – 50 percent of the manual tasks, leaving a large proportion.

The key then to achieving some form of full automation could be to automate the evidencing of the completion of manual tasks.

Using a system which allows you to;

A system which produces a workflow visible to all users, creating greater control over the manual task .


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