Manage Daily Processes and Tasks Online and Automatically Create Centralised Database of Evidence

Although technology has provided automation for a great many of the repetitive tasks carried out by administrators, there are still a greater number of tasks carried out manually, including manual checks to validate that automated processes have successfully completed.

These checks are usually managed by paper or excel checklists, which have become a key control within many organisations, to firstly guide the administrator through the daily processes and secondly as a management control to evidence the completion of tasks for review and audit. The main problem is that paper checklists cannot be managed on a real time basis and have no real time correlation to the task being completed, as they do not control the task, only provide historic evidence of it’s completion. 

e-check easily provides year on year cost savings of 7 - 10%

daily tasks

e-check dashboard

what is e-check?

e-check uses a simple user-definable interface for the creation and organisation of repeatable and ad-hoc checks. Combining the ability to automate the checking of output from system processes and file transfers with the tracking and verification of manual tasks and events. Provides a real time overview of the status of activities within an organisation via a web based dashboard, which can send email alerts as success prompts or when processes fail.

Checks are automatically rescheduled and all evidence is stored in a centralised, auditable database for audit and MI reducing paper consumption and storage costs. 

more info on automatic output monitoring         more info on manual task monitoring

how e-check reduces operational risk and provides ROI


•  organisation and management of daily operational tasks onto one system

•  real time monitoring of the status of all tasks

•  visibility and control via the e-check dashboard, replacing paper checklists

 saves time and money by automating checking of system process output and file transfers allowing exception based checking  

•  automatic rescheduling of repeatable tasks

•  creates a workflow solution by combining automated and manual checks 

•  email alerts when tasks fail or succeed

•  automatically creates evidence for audit as each instance of a check is stored with username and timestamp together with any attachments

•  centralised depository of all check history and evidence for audit and MI

•  reduces costs by reducing paper consumption and storage requirements  

•  simple user interface for easy creation of checklists

who would benefit from e-check


e-check is an enterprise solution for any sized business from SME’s to large organisations, whether regulatory, or just to make life easier.

e-check allows you to manage your staff and their tasks from any location and provides a perfect solution for real-time tracking, verification and reporting of both manual tasks and the automated checking of system output and file transfers, creating a centralised database of checks and their evidence.

Enhancing the environmental sustainablity policy of any company by reducing paper consumption, print requirements and storage costs.