e-check for system output monitoring

e-check logoMany businesses amass multiple IT applications over the years and these systems generally produce both log files and process output from scheduled events such as overnight processing and data downloads. The need to check this output daily, often means hours of manual checking and a paper based audit trail.

e-check is a user defined system, and using a simple rule builder can automatically check files and report output. Not only can you check that a file has been produced, or that it is the right size,  the rule builder allows you to verify the contents of the file, such as; contains no error, correct date, correct number of pages or lines, etc.

e-check will improve productivity, efficiency and auditability within your organisation.

Can be deployed on-site or as a SaaS model, where files are FTP'd to our hosted server


Green Dot  automates manual, repeatable checks on critical business processes.

Green Dot  provides real-time visibility to managers, allowing them to easily  control operational processes. 

Green Dot  ensures all background system tasks are checked, that might be  overlooked due to time constraints or volume.

Green Dot  allows immediate mass re-runs of checks following supplier or system failures.

Green Dot  highlights errors, therefore eliminating secondary errors caused by manual checking. 

Green Dot  provides database for audit and MI.

Green Dot  automatic notification can be sent on failure or completion of checks.  

Green Dot  allows management sign off and provides evidence of checks.


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